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Society Fund Management | Transparency | Book keeping (Cash/Bank) | Easy Sharing Options | Track Income & Expenses

Society Funds integrates various dimensions of managing a residential complex such as managing finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, assets, documents etc.), managing day-to-day operations, and most importantly bringing the entire community together. Society Funds is offered as a hosted solution with zero infrastructure setup by the society.

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Data Analysis

Selecting data collection methods and appropriate analysis.

Data Management

The practice of collecting and using data securely.

Graph Analysis

The software provides graph reports on expense-income.


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Multiple Society Funding Management system

Society Management System developed by Bonrix Software System simplifies all tasks related to managing big and small housing societies.

Easy to Manage Funds in Residential and Commercial Societies.
Maintain Cash book and Bank book online for your Co-Operative Housing Society.
Transparency in fund management - Easy to share booking keeping records with Members.
Share access and details of transaction with Accountant / CA / Auditors.
Deep insight into Income and Expense Ledger details.

You can manage online transactions and make the entire society digitized through the apartment management software. This is multiple society connect in single platform. this platform can connect admin society secretory and all society members. Any new events and clturesifric program to new sms. All society members collect maintance to show data in admin and society secretory show in which society account balanced and society collect maintance graph.

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Society Funds is offered as a hosted solution with zero infrastructure setup by the society.

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